Alcomex na IDA Expo v Las Vegas

In the first week of April, Jan, Marco and Mirco visited the IDA EXPO in Las Vegas. The IDAExpo is the premier educational venue for those who derive their living from the door and access systems industry. The goal was to get information about the North American door market and spring specifications and to approach prospects.

Our expectations after the IDA Expo

We estimate 4 million garage doors and 1 million industrial doors are produced in North America. Together with a large replacement market for the enormous installed base the North American is estimated to be 3-4 times larger than the European market. 

Although the challenge caused by the imperial system, the different wire, the used coating, colour codes, spring ID labelling, packaging and transport overseas the first containers are sold and delivered already.

Our production

Our production in Pune, ALCOMEX SPRINGS PVT. LTD is doing a great job adapting to the different product, packaging and handling.

Order intake, confirmation and invoice is handled by Alcomex GmbH in Goch.

We do realise that the success mainly is due to the scarcity on the North American spring market and that when the local suppliers have recovered, our position becomes vulnerable.Alcomex is starting a new and exciting chapter in the door spring business! Are you looking for door springs or do you want advice? Then take a look at our offer.

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