Alcomex pyramida systému řízení kvality určuje spokojenost zákazníků

In the Alcomex group we are servicing more and more satisfies customers. The number of customer is increasing as well as the quality demands, so to support our philosophy of “first time right first time quality” we are investing in the overall quality organisation. Over the last 12 months we have appointed QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) coordinators in all Alcomex facilities, and are everywhere implementing and executing CIP (continuous improvement programs) to meet the our customers’ expectations. To do this in a structured way we have adapted the Alcomex QMS pyramid clearly identifying roles and responsibilities meeting all requirements as set in the ISO standards.

Next to the product related quality we are also working hard to implement the ISO 14001 which provides a tool for the Alcomex Group to manage their environmental policy and do more than simply meet legislation and regulations. Alcomex views environmental management in the long term as their obligation and is reducing the CO2 emission in line with Paris Climate Agreement objectives. At present the Alcomex Group compensates 100% CO2 by planting trees together with the Landlife company

In general ISO 14001 does not set requirements for environmental achievements. Instead, it creates a framework for setting up an effective environmental management system. It offers the certainty that the impact on the environment is monitored, measured, and improved. Advantages include:

  • Protecting the quality of the environment
  • Reduced costs for waste management and removal
  • Reduced use of energy and raw materials

Finally we simultaneously implement the ISO 45001 which set rules and guidelines to protect the safety and create a safe work environment for all employees.

Overall we strive daily delivering the requested quality, meeting customers requirements, in the most economical, safe and environmental friendly way always compensating 100% for CO2.

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